The Day After Love

I didn’t write anything yesterday because I wanted to spend all the time I had with my significant other…I mean it was Valentines day after all. Neither of us are big gift givers, nor do we even really enjoy valentines day all that much. However, if you push through all the cheesy love and romantic strings that get attached, I think there is some validity. I think we should absolutely take time and set it aside to remind our loved ones just how much they are loved. There really is not much more important in this world than reminding one another how much we are loved.

So today is the day after all of that. The roses are starting their wilting process, the chocolates are sitting there tempting you, and you’re back at the daily grind. My question is—should they be? I think it should be our responsibility to one another to make a habit of setting aside time to remind each other how much we care. I’m sure this seems obvious to many of you as your probably thinking, “uh yea, of course I should show my love for people more than once a year”. I think so too, but do we? How intentional are you about setting aside time to share with one another? When was the last time you wrote a love letter? Today, I challenge you to think about what small things you could do for someone in your life to let them know you care. Then do it, do it once a month, once a week, do it every day. Lets be more intentional about sharing our adoration for the people we are about.