Minimalism is one of those concepts that is becoming more and more pervasive in our current society. In a very consumer centered world, it can feel as if we have no escape from physical possessions. This area of the site is devoted to finding ways to counter act the consumer culture. To live with less clutter, less stress, and ultimately less stuff. I am not convinced that minimalism is right for everyone; however, a life with less is within reach for everyone. There are many great writers who cover the topic thoroughly, share their experiences, stories, successes and failures, I will direct you towards those resources as they come up. The collection of tools within this section are things that have worked for me, and are suggestions that might work for you as you approach a life with less.

Each page of this section deals with the paring down of physical possessions, however there is an element of minimalism that goes beyond just the things we purchase and consume. Not only are our homes filled with physical things we don’t need, our schedules are filled with commitments that cause us as much stress as our cluttered living spaces. We will expand on this idea and give you some tools for changing your commitments in other pages of this site. Each individual has to find the right balance of minimalism that works for them. There is no right or wrong, but we guarantee you will know the difference once you begin. It may not be that you drop all your possessions, downsize to a tiny home, and move across the county. It may simply mean having one clear surface in your house. For some, a dive in approach might work well, others might need to take it slow and steady over several years.  Whichever way you decide is great, as long that decision is making a positive change, it is valuable.