Our lives are increasingly built on digital platforms. I find many people have a hard time embracing this concept. They fear that if things are digital there is a greater chance of it getting lost or damaged. The reality is that with digital versions of our favorite photos, important documents, or entertainment libraries we are able to make it safer and more accessible than ever before. Here are the top 5 things I feel are worth digitizing to save space and remove clutter:

  1. CDs and DVDs: Music and movies are a great way to entertain ourselves, but they can add a lot clutter to our living spaces. CDs are extremely easy to upload to a computer and save on a digital platform of one’s choosing. DVDs are a little bit more challenging, but there are a few ways to create digital copies of your DVD collection. I used Handbrake to convert all of my DVDs, it was fairly easy to do, and now I have digital versions of all the movies I own. There are also plenty of programs you can pay for as well!
  2. Photos: There might be two reasons to scan physical photos to digital versions. The first is that it gives you a back up version of your favorite photographs. The second is you can scan photos and open up new space by tossing the old physical copies. Most any scanner will do the trick when it comes to scanning photos into a digital format. This might take some time, but the pay off feels great!
  3. Important documents: My parents have a bunch of boxes full of papers that are financial and tax related. I scan everything each year and it is easily organized and accessible on my computer. It saves a ton of space and makes it much easier to find documents if I ever need to find them again. There are also ways to protect this data on your computer, a simple google search will produce lots of useful tips.
  4. Recipes: Digitizing various recipes is a great way to downsize the number of cook books you have, or the box of recipe cards. Digitize any recipe you love and keep a working cookbook growing on your computer. This allows one easy access and organization without all the extra clutter.
  5. Newspapers & Magazines: These are huge causes of clutter. First consider weather or not you actually read the paper or magazine you are receiving, then consider getting it digitally. It is the same product without the clutter. More often than not this allows you access on various devices so you can work on reading them anywhere, anytime.

Digitizing can be a scary process, it can take some effort as well, but in the end it is absolutely worth it. With external hard drives, and cloud based storage options, your digital media and data can be safer from harm and accessed more easily and readily than ever before!