Happy Mardi Gras

Fat Tuesday. A day for doughnuts and other tasty foods—among other things depending on what celebrations are happening.  Mardi Gras is the result of a Christian tradition of eating well and celebrating before fasting during the Lenten season (note I am not a theologian, I speak from personal experience and what little I gleamed from growing up in a rather religious family). I’m not sure how many of you have Christian backgrounds, but at least in the Lutheran church I was raised in, lent was a time for reflection, for giving up something that was a vice for you, or adding something you felt would bring value to your life. As you party today, consider doing the same thing.

This is not a religious challenge in anyway, but why not use their calendar as an opportunity to improve your life. Lent is frequently considered to last for 40 days. So think about it…What you could do in 40 days that could change your life? What could you do in 40 days that could change someone else’s life. There are always reasons not to do something, why not use this as a reason to do something that will add value, or detract from the negative aspects of your life. While your thinking about it, grab a dough nut, and enjoy, because life is short and although as humans we strive for improvement, we need moderation in all things. So enjoy the day, savor the flavor and grab a bull by its horns…or on second thought, maybe not that last one.


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